Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not (only) a set of Digitization or Automation solutions, platforms, tools, but an evolutionary path that involves processes, technologies and people in a context of Change Management and Engagement.

With objectives of net operational and economic improvement for Public and Private Companies, Digital Transformation acts on Broadband ICT through Applications-Platforms with SW DevSecOps methodologies and Big Data Analytics, AI/ML, Blockchain technologies, in a scenario that is no longer "process-driven silos" but "data-driven ecosystem".

Process Management, Networking, Virtualization, Cloud-Edge-Fog Migration (Private, Public, Hybrid, Multicloud) with As-a-Service models, IoT/IIoT, Industry 4.0, VR/AR, Web Presence - Digital Marketing & Communication, Cybersecurity, with an essential focus on the needs of external and internal Customers.

For Process Management in any area (Production, Organization, Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance, Administration, HR, Marketing & Sales, Communication), the needs of Customers are focused on BPM - BPO, ERP, CRM contexts.

Virtualization, Cloud Migration, IoT/IIoT, cannot ignore skills, orientations and infrastructural choices.

The Web Presence with professional Digital Marketing-Communication for positioning and promotion of Brands, Products and Services, is an integral part of the Digital Transformation with increasingly professional skills in Web Design/Development, UX/UI, SEO - SEM - SERP, Inbound Marketing, Content and Social Media.

Although in a growing trend towards Cloud Servitization (or Subscription Economy pay-per-use), the complexity of the scenarios described, requires multidisciplinary digital resources that companies may not have for choices, configurations, changes, implementation plans and engagement.

Gordionet intervenes in support of Customers with a rapid process of assessing the situation, analysis of needs, identification of solutions, technical commercial proposal, implementation, assistance.


Digital Transformation and the constant growth of user and device connectivity have increased the complexity distributed among Networks, Cloud, Data Centers, Branch/Enterprise Offices, Endpoints, Mobile.

The increase in mobility outside the perimeter of corporate protection and control (roaming users - smart working), has dramatically amplified the exposure of data breaches, malware, ransomware.

Zero-trust security models based on rigid identity verification processes, zero-day responsiveness to vulnerability, zero-day threat philosophy with Prevention instead of Mitigation become essential.

There is now a need for branched and complex security for the constant growth of the Cloud, decentralized Fog - Edge models for IoT on 5G infrastructures with any AI/ML and Blockchain applications.

Evolved ICT, being distributed and elastic, has generated a variety of security challenges for example in Hybrid Cloud environments, where a SW Application can have processing such as Backend (Data Center On-Premises), Control Panel (PC) and Frontend (Public Cloud) in different parts of the network.

In Public IaaS with generic anonymous environments, multi-tenants and DevSecOps workloads, a clear vision on the sharing of security between company and providers in the movement of applications and data is essential, with possible extensions on the platforms (AWS, VMware on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud).

Experiences and Solutions


Gordionet's experience in the satellite sector comes from afar.
The projects developed by Gordionet's managers in Italy and abroad in more than twenty years, have consolidated a great expertise in infrastructures and integrations such as VSAT Networks, Teleports, Internet Via Satellite in Ka-Band, Mobile Backhauling, SOTM.

Compared to residential or business xDSL/FO terrestrial connectivity which is totally managed by the Operators, satellite connectivity both for network projects and for the particularity of the terminals, requires a support for design, systems - band - services supply, integration, implementation, which can be fully managed by Gordionet.

Satellite communications are constantly expanding thanks to the constant increase in reliability, capacity, performance and compactness of On-board/Ground Systems, global coverage of the LEO MEO constellations, constant decrease in the cost of technology and services.

There is no longer a scenario in which the satellite choice is relegated to the Digital Divide or to complex and intercontinental territorial orographies, but a complementarity and interoperability between terrestrial and satellite networks that benefit from the experience acquired by terrestrial networks for SD Software Defined, As-a-Service, 5G Slicing.

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Smart Solutions Integration

Integration or end-to-end philosophy in any OnPremises/Cloud ICT environment.
3-4Play, Broadband Access FO FTTx - xDSL - Mobile - Wireless - Satellite, MPLS, SD-WAN / NFV, Internet, IPPBX VoIP - UCC, Video Communication, Professional Video Surveillance, Virtual Data Centers, Business Continuity - Data Recovery, Cybersecurity.

Among the main projects and implementations, Gordionet was selected by the Vatican City State for xDSL Broadband Access and Video Communication, by various Enterprise Customers for Satellite Broadband Internet & VPN, by MC-link for xDSL.

Gordionet with Bizando partner for UNICEF with over 100 offices in Italy, carried out an evaluation for the selection of 4 Operators with first phase implementation support, of a complete Enterprise solution that included xDSL Broadband Connectivity - FO, MPLS VPN, Cloud VoIP - UCC , Virtual Data Center migration, Cybersecurity, GDPR, KPI - SLA.

Industrial - ESCO - Oil & Gas

Gordionet has acquired excellent experience in propositional and executive offer engineering as well as in the implementation of Infrastructures, Platforms and ICT Services for ESCO Energy Service Companies (photovoltaic, solar, wind, hydroelectric) and Onshore/Offshore Oil & Gas.

Among the main projects, the SCADA migration in 20 Gamesa Italia wind farms for Enel, Enel Green Power, Edison, Veronagest, Eon, SER, remote control with video surveillance of photovoltaic systems, engineering of Broadband WAN systems and Security for Oil & Gas.

Videoconferencing - Webinar/Webcast

Gordionet has implemented dozens of OnPremises/Cloud projects and services for Enterprise and PA Customers, both on HD/UHD-4K professional platforms and on Public Cloud Web quality platforms (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business) through Managed Services and Room Systems.

Video Services have for years been in constant worldwide growth, allowing the improvement of efficiency, collaboration, competitiveness, reduction of costs of business travel, improvement of the quality of personal and professional life by reducing travel, reduction of environmental impact with reduction of CO2 emissions and fine dust generated by transport.

For all scenarios of Videoconferencing, Smart Working, Teledidactic, Video Engagement, Telemedicine, Webinar/Webcast Streaming, Events. The possibility to connect Speakers and Participants remotely with professional quality and content sharing, dramatically increases the potential of an Event.


Telemedicine opens up new assistance scenarios with the improvement of the patient's quality of life, continuous monitoring by decreasing the risks of clinical emergencies, net decrease in travel for visits and clinical examinations, decrease in travel of health personnel distributed throughout the territory, decrease in Opex of Hospitals and Health Centers, allowing savings of up to 40% on the National Health Service.

Gordionet in partnership with ADiTech, presents an advanced Telemedicine platform that puts the patient at the center of the treatment process.

The Platform can use both terrestrial and satellite connectivity, in the latter case through a Mobile Telemedicine Unit via Satellite in end-to-end scenarios, at an extremely competitive cost thanks to the evolution and compactness of the selected technological solutions.

Gordionet Business Agency

For all Italian and foreign companies that need support from Business Development, Marketing & Sales, Proposal and Executive Offer Engineering, Project-Program Management, BPM-BPO, Business Intelligence, Channels Identification, Customers Scouting, Solutions and Services Positioning, Case Studies, Digital Marketing.

Gordionet Business Agency is an excellent Outsourcing Service through which Gordionet, as if it were an integral part of the Client Company, quickly sets up and develops Business Services in total coordination and at a fraction of the cost compared to permanent resources.

Making a comparison with OnPremises/Cloud platforms, Gordionet Business Agency can be considered as a Cloud Outsourcing Service.

For Digital Marketing, unlike the offers on the market for which the Customer must structure the Content, we quickly immerse ourselves in the sectoral reality (not only ICT but industrial and professional) and we write the Content, inserting it later in the offline/online promotional processes.

Gordionet creates partnerships for expansion into international markets, mainly in emerging developing countries.

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